HELM Tiffany's Ring 794

Date of Birth:
Awesome beautifully try-colored heifer sire by the Great Producing 50/50 Sire. This girl is out of one of our best producing maternal-lines without a doubt. Her maternal Dam sired by the great producing 20 Gauge Bull "Helm Tiffany 537" is already a big horned momma and will be of great tip-to-tip and total horn at maturity, Her maternal grand-dam "Helm Fantasia" twisty horned at (81.5" ttt ) is simply producing some of the finest heifers that we have have ever raised and she is a cow that we absolutely would not part with. The maternal grand-dam "SL Selena's Ace ( 82.25 ttt +) out of the great "Temptations the Ace" Sire is a cow that we bought for $20,000 and she produced multiple fine offspring for us. We have it all here, a power packed blend of "Hubbells 20 Gauge", 50/50, "Hunts Command Respect" and the great outcross Sire "Temptations the Ace". My oh My What-A-Heifer !
Tiffany's Ring
Owner Name:
Helm Cattle Company
John Helm
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